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Galoob, who produced the gorgeous and well made Anastasia dolls, has experienced a huge success with their clever marketing of their Spice Girls dolls. Based on the hyperactive and peppy girl group, there have been four different issues so far, plus two clothing sets. Each issue has a different theme to their accessories. This doll is from the second issue, Spice Girls On Tour, which featured miniature Spice Girl dolls!

The Doll

Doll FaceSide View

Galoob did a pretty nice job with the making the face mold both accurate and attractive. Posh has brown eyes accented with gold shadow and pearlized mauve lips. Her hair is really well done! As you can see from the second photo, her long angled bangs are completely accurate, and really well cut! Her cross necklace is also really well done- it was so securely fastened that I ended up having to cut it off!

Doll FrontDoll SideDoll Back

Even though the rest of the body is really flexible, there is no twist and turn waist here. Her arms swivel and rotate at the shoulders, and her legs have an impressive four clicks. The overall shape and size is very similar to the B-girl’s. The plastic color is relatively light, but it has brown tones without being orangy.


Galoob also included very nicely painted fingernails and a cute gold ring (on a post, so Barbie can ‘borrow’ it).

Face: A-
Body: B-
Hair: A+
Overall: A-

The Clothes

The Clothes

This dress is probably very appealing to young girls, but it leaves me cold. On the plus side, the fabric is very nice, with a woven ‘lace’ pattern in black over purple. However, slip dresses always look to me like someone forgot to finish getting dressed that morning. The shoes are really well made, featuring a right and a left shoe. Interestingly enough, the strap slides under the main piece of the shoe to fasten it, but this makes the shoe stay in place better.

Fabric: A-
Style: B-
Execution: A
Overall: B+

The Accessories

Other Stuff

There aren’t a lot of accessories here, but the quality of accessories is terrific! Posh has a cute gold watch and a shiny plastic cross necklace. Rather than a microphone, she gets the more accurate headset shown above. There’s a holographic sticker, but best of all is the miniature doll. The quality of the miniature itself is excellent, and I’m especially impressed by the fact that the box has all the words of the real box, not just random letters. If you wait for the large image below to load, you’ll be able to see how good the printing is on this item.

This is the miniature box... for size reference look for the edge of the tape!

Concept: A
Style: A-
Playability: A+
Overall: A

The Result

Glamour Girl

The brown skin tones set off this new Fashion Avenue perfectly, and the glamourous hairstyle looks wonderful!

2 Thoughts on “Liberation 28: Posh Spice On Tour

  1. Posh/Victoria actually had a hairstyle variation-most of the dolls came with the close-cropped hair you show, but some had their hair in a looser bob. I’ve had one of the loose-haired Poshes since I was a kid. She’s very pretty (especially with the loose hair) and her dress is one of the most versatile items in my doll collection.

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